VARIBELT INC./USA is truly an international company with a long history of manufacturing v-belts. The company started manufacturing belts 48 years ago. Today it is a truly international company with manufacturing facilities and offices in different parts of the world. Our objective is to be the world leader in providing the best low cost quality belt in the power transmission market. 

 We have strategic alliances that allow us to work close with other manufacturers in using our technical experience and manufacturing expertise to continually expand our product line, or improve our cost base without sacrificing our quality standards. The end result is that the VARIBELT INC. brand names “AGROBELT®” and “VARIBELT*VX®” will be associated with the high quality performance that is expected in today’s industrial markets around the world.

We pass on the cost savings through our distribution channels down to the end user. We want to provide a better product at a better price. Today our belts are being used in the Industrial, Automotive, Agriculture and Lawn Garden segments around the world.