Hexagonal Double V-Belts

Double Sided V-belts are also called as hexagonal belts. They usually transmit power from both sides of the belt.

Double Sided or Hexagonal belts are used if there are several pulleys located on one level and the direction of rotation of one or more of the pulleys needs to be changed. They are used for drives where the belt may be routed in many directions.

VARIBELT*VX® Double (Hexagonal) V-belts are best suited for applications with drives where several pulleys in the same level are to be driven in clockwise and an- ti-clockwise directions simultaneously.

To meet the multiple bend and dual power requirements, VARIBELT*VX® Double (Hexagonal) V-belts are built with special polyester tension cords. They deliver ex- treme flexibility, maximum strength with minimum stretch.

VARIBELT*VX® Double (Hexagonal) V-belts are available in AA,BB, CC cross sec- tions.

VARIBELT*VX® Double (Hexagonal) V-belts are used on drives having one or more reverse bends such as;

  • Lawn and Garden equipment,
  • Mixers,
  • Crushers,
  • Mule drives
  • Agitators
  • Conveyors
  • Increasingly used in general engineering

Now made with EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), a synthetic rubber with outstanding properties, VARIBELT VX® Hexagonal Double V-Belts are static conductive, more durable, and more resistant to heat, hardening, and glazing than ever before.

Advantages of VARIBELT VX® and Agrobelt Double (Hexago- nal) V-belts:

  • High strength tensile members
  • High oil and heat resistance and static conductivity
  • Designed for typical serpentine and reversing drives
  • Transmit power from both sides
  • Standard grooved pulleys can be used

Varibelt VX® V-belts exceed USA RMA published ratings levels.

Varibelt VX® V-belts are manufactured to meet the same RMA/ISO Standards as all other major American or European Manufacturers’ belts of the same type. Designed to perform at identical or higher levels, Varibelt VX V-belts and Agrobelt V-belts are dimensionally and functionally equivalent to V-belts produced by major American and European manufacturers.