Multi Rib Serpentine (Poly V) Belts

VARIBELT*VX® Multi Rib Serpentine Belts which are made of multiple V-grooves, bring together the flexibility of flat belts with the high power transmission capacity of V-belts. They are de- signed and engineered for high power transmission and provide high power output.

Thanks to their design, they can operate on pulleys with small di- ameters, becoming an ideal solution for compact drives in house-hold appliances and heavy machinery.

VARIBELT*VX® Multi Rib Serpentine Belts allow for an econom- ic solution even under challenging conditions such as high beltspeeds, small pulley diameters, back idler pulleys and large trans- mission ratios.

VARIBELT*VX® Multi Rib Serpentine Belts are available in PH, PJ, PK, PL and PM profiles.

Among the constructional details of VARIBELT*VX® Multi Rib Ser- pentine Belts are;

• Fiber reinforced, wear resistant rubber compound, ensuring good grip to transmit uniform power even on smaller pulleys
• High strength tension cord covering the full width of the belt for maximum tensile strength and minimum elongation
• Ribbed driving surface for maximum area of contact and re- duced face pressure

Now made with EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), a synthetic rubber with outstanding properties, VARIBELT VX® Multi Rib Serpentine (Poly V) Belts are static conductive, more durable, and more resistant to heat, hardening, and glazing than ever before.

Varibelt VX® V-belts exceed USA RMA published ratings levels.

Varibelt VX® V-belts are manufactured to meet the same RMA/ISO Standards as all other major American or European Manufacturers’ belts of the same type. Designed to perform at identical or higher levels, Varibelt VX V-belts and Agrobelt V-belts are dimensionally and functionally equivalent to V-belts produced by major American and European manufacturers.
Aramid (Kevlar®) Cord construction is available. We can manufacture all V-belts with Aramid (Kevlar®) Cord construction.

Advantages of VARIBELT*VX® Multi Rib Serpentine Belts;

• Allow smooth and low vibration operation in a single compact drive
• Ideal for high-speed and high drive ratio applications
• Have high power transmission capability
• Can tolerate shock loads and short-term overload
• Suitable for small pulley diameters
• Maximum Belt linear speed up to 60 m/sec
• Highly flexible and noise-free
• Can be used for speed ratios up to 1:30
• Anti-static oil & heat resistant
• Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C


• Industrial dryers
• Fitness equipment
• Machine tools
• High speed blowers
• Crude oil pumps
• Spreaders
• Seeding machines
• Vegetable crushers
• Household appliances
• Washing machines
• Dryers
• Machine tools
• Grinders etc.