Wedge Cogged V-Belts

Deep Wedge, Narrow, Raw Edge Cogged V-Belts

VARIBELT*VX® Cogged Wedge V-Belts are similar to the wedge belts in perfor- mance, with the only difference being the additional top ridge provided in the narrow belts. These belts are manufactured according to specification RMA-IP 22 and also known as American Wedge Belts.

Interchangeability is found between 3VX and XPZ as well as between 5VX and XPB sections. It is possible to use 3VX and 5VX section belts in pulleys of XPZ and XPB sections respectively but it is not recommended as the top width of the RMA stan- dard pulleys are smaller. Section 8VX is however, larger than XPC.

VARIBELT*VX® Cogged Wedge V-Belts are considered an advancement of standard Wedge belts are the “Cogs” run better on smaller diameter pulleys thanks to better flexibility. Their raw edge construction enables the belts to have a firmer and better grip than standard wrapped belts.

Now made with EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), a synthetic rubber with outstanding properties, VARIBELT VX® Wedge Cogged V-Belts are static conductive, more durable, and more resistant to heat, hardening, and glazing than ever before.

VARIBELT*VX® Cogged Wedge V-Belts provide reduced downtime and energy savings;

  • Superior flexibility of precision molded cogs
  • Firmer and better gripping power of raw edge sidewalls
  • Generating higher horsepower ratings
  • Heat resistant, static conductive and resistant to hardening and glazing.
  • Superior transverse stiffness & high wear resistance
  • Suitable for drives with small pulley diameters, high ambient temperature andspeed
  • Wide operating temperature (-50o to +250oF)
  • Belt sidewalls reduce vibration for longer life

VARIBELT*VX® Cogged Wedge V-Belts are ideal for heavy duty industrial drives with shock loads and for drives with small pulley diameters, high ambient temperature and speed. The most common applications are :

• Pumps
• Mixers
• Stone crushers
• Blowers
• High ambient temperature exhaust fans and more.

Varibelt VX® V-belts exceed USA RMA published ratings levels.

Varibelt VX® V-belts are manufactured to meet the same RMA/ISO Standards as all other major American or European Manufacturers’ belts of the same type. Designed to perform at identical or higher levels, Varibelt VX V-belts and Agrobelt V-belts are dimensionally and functionally equivalent to V-belts produced by major American and European manufacturers.

Aramid (Kevlar®) Cord construction is available. We can manufacture all V-belts with Aramid (Kevlar®) Cord construction.