Wedge Wrapped V-Belts

  • VARIBELT*VX® Wedge Wrapped V-belts are available in 3V, 5V and 8Vsections defined and manufactured by standards RMA/MTPA IP 22 and ASAE S 211.5.
  • All the belts have the qualities of classical-section belts, including length sta- bilization. They are particularly suitable for equipment designed to American standards. They also conform to ISO standard 1813for anti-static requirements.
  • The belt designation contains the section code 3V, 5V and 8V followed by the length code. The latter is a rounding- off the effective length measured in 1/10inch.
  • Interchangeability is found between 3V and SPZ as well as between 5V and SPB sections. It is possible to use 3V and 5V section belts in pulleys of SPZ and SPB sections respectively but it is not recommended as the top width of the RMA standard pulleys are smaller. Section 8V is however, larger than SPC. Profile SPC may in some cases be used in grooves intended for the 8V profile with some loss of power rating but the opposite is not recommended.

Now made with EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), a synthetic rubber with outstanding properties, VARIBELT VX® Wedge Wrapped V-Belts are static conductive, more durable, and more resistant to heat, hardening, and glazing than ever before.

VARIBELT*VX® Wedge Wrapped V-belts are perfect for use in applications requiring higher power transmission with limited space;

  • Allows more compact design on multiple belt drives.
  • Cords are tough enough to carry high HP loads with minimum stretch.
  • Made of specially formulated rubber compounds.
  • Heavy duty cover protects against harsh environmental conditions and contrib-utes to longer life, in applications where oil, heat and grease exist.
  • Provides excellent static dissipation.
  • Wedge configuration assures stability when heavy shock loads are encountered.
  • Delivers an ideal balance between controlled power transfer and slippage
  • Results in better belt stability and fewer take-up adjustments.
  • Maximum Cord Support Contributes to a quiet, smooth-running belt.
  • Multi-layered compression section features fiber reinforcement to provide excel-lent support to the cord line while maintaining belt flexibility which helps elimi-nate compression cracks and contributes to longer wear.
  • Heavy Duty Cover Stress-relieved fabric cover flexes better than ordinary fabricto improve belt life.

VARIBELT*VX® Wedge Wrapped V-belts are ideal for heavy duty in- dustrial drives with shock loads. The most common applications are :

  • Pumps
  • Mixers
  • Stone crushers and more.

Varibelt VX® V-belts exceed USA RMA published ratings levels.

Varibelt VX® V-belts are manufactured to meet the same RMA/ISO Standards as all other major American or European Manufacturers’ belts of the same type. Designed to perform at identical or higher levels, Varibelt VX V-belts and Agrobelt V-belts are dimensionally and functionally equivalent to V-belts produced by major American and European manufacturers.