Banded Metric Wrapped V-Belts

VARIBELT*VX® Metric Wrapped Banded V-belts are the ideal choice and solution for any application where increase horsepower capacity and output is required or where conventional multiples drives are unworkable because of weight and space conditions.

Wrapped construction of VARIBELT*VX® Metric Wrapped Banded V-belts makes them ideal for clutching operations.

Thanks to the specially engineered, reinforced fabric, tie-band on top, which bonds single V-belts together, VARIBELT*VX® Metric Wrapped Banded V-belts function as a single V-belt with even load distribution and wear, achieving enhanced stability and preventing belt turnover and whip.

VARIBELT*VX® Metric Wrapped Banded V-belts is the ideal solution for pulsating or heavily shock loaded drives and drives with extremely long center distances.

Advantages of VARIBELT*VX® Metric Wrapped Banded V-belts;

• Superior power transmission capacity up to 60%, compared to single V-belts
• Minimized belt whip or turn over so enhanced stability
• Smoother and better clutching thanks to wrapped construction
• Special rubber compound for high thermal resistance and longer belt life
• Specially engineered and chemically treated premium polyester cord allows for maintenance free operation
• Minimized vibration
• Heavy shock loads are absorbed better.
• Smooth operation and higher efficiency is achieved
• Anti-static, oil and heat resistant
• Temperature range: -25oC to +100oC
• Aramid cord construction is available.

Now made with EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), a synthetic rubber with outstanding properties, VARIBELT VX® Metric Wrapped Banded V-Belts are static conductive, more durable, and more resistant to heat, hardening, and glazing than ever before.


• Mud pumps
• Rock crushers
• Stump grinders
• Hot rolling mills
• Power plants
• Heat exchanger
• Compressors
• Vacuum pumps
• Grinders
• Kilns
• Blenders
• Excavators
• Paper & pulp industry


Varibelt VX® V-belts exceed USA RMA published ratings levels.

Varibelt VX® V-belts are manufactured to meet the same RMA/ISO Standards as all other major American or European Manufacturers’ belts of the same type. Designed to perform at identical or higher levels, Varibelt VX V-belts and Agrobelt V-belts are dimensionally and functionally equivalent to V-belts produced by major American and European manufacturers.
Aramid (Kevlar®) Cord construction is available. We can manufacture all V-belts with Aramid (Kevlar®) Cord construction.